The purpose of the partnership of JRG and Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari is the educational phase of the tour. The Traveling Guitar Foundation which is providing both artistic advise to promoter Tom Hinds as well as conducting workshops for the youth if the islands visited and donating guitars to their music programs.

JRG is conducting its media workshops with students from the same schools who show interest in media arts.  First, they are interviewed and presented with scripts to which they conduct live interviews with the promoter on his experience with that island, a performing artist as well as an island “griot”. They then are placed into a program with a local media groups on each island for further internship study.

By partnering with other not for profit groups like he Traveling Guitar Foundation, Jaris in January this year embarked on its first out of country workshop efforts. The Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari promoted by Tom Hinds provided the backdrop for JRG to travel with TGF provided educational package of “Music and Media” education program. View the icon on the homepage for the Safari schedule as JRG travels the Caribbean.