Living in Harlem serves many roles. Utilizing all gifts is a pleasurable experience when you live down the street from THE most famous night club still left in the WORLD!

Every Friday night when home in New York I would head straight to Lenox Lounge. In 2010 I saw my home town Homie Guitarist Marvin Horn Marvin Horn with a Greg Bandy on drums and Stanley Banks on Bass and consequently met….

After learning the imminent peril, I did an interview with him and grandson Ethan Reed on WCHR -FM.

Alvin Reed, owner of the legendary Lenox Lounge with Jaris Reed.

It was two-fold, (a) promotion of our teen media workshop via the JARIS Reed Foundation which Ethen was part of but more important (b) bring to the forefront that Lenox Lounge was in danger if being erased fro the history books.

We will look a bit further into both in the next if many installments as a new feature here on JARIS “Beat Street”.