The significance of the success from this campaign is simple: by providing an alternate skill set for students with a liberal arts mind, and nurturing the talents of our youth, we create the potential for uncovering our future film producers—the next Steven Spielberg or Gordon Parks!


Reed I. Hadley

As a former elementary teacher and media professional, Mr. Hadley seeks to bridge the gap left by budget cuts to the arts in schools.  Communication via Radio/Television is more prominent today than ever before in our modern history—Youtube, Vimeo and other digital and media outlets provide a new range of online opportunities to express oneself and connect with a global audience. Knowledge of media arts has become an important tool for life-long success.

In early 1987, Mr. Hadley taught a Current Events course at St. Louis County’s Flynn Park Elementary. The best way he discovered to help the 4th, 5th and 6th graders understand the course was to create a NEWS segment, which the students produced themselves- THEY LOVED IT!

This inspired him to envision BACKSTAGE SERIES, a workshop that would travel globally—and educate young people through hands-on experience, directly involving them in the creative process of multi-media communications.


Our vision:

BACKSTAGE SERIES is a 10-Week Media Workshop with young people, hosted globally in key cities, to provide experience with basic techniques in a variety of Media and Digital outlets. The workshop is designed to develop skills in planning, organization, leadership and team work.

Just Imagine: Taking a 10 year old and, as host of a show, placing them in an adult interview workshop setting to produce a  QUALITY program. Just imagine the value this holds—the inspiration to the child.

If we introduce and encourage this development at an early point in a person’s life, their potential for growth will result in a desire for higher learning; inspiring career and entrepreneurial mindsets to produce our next generation of leaders.


Upon completion of the 10 week workshop, participants will be encouraged to submit their own project ideas for review by industry professionals.

Selected winners will receive a scholarship to produce a project of their own in studio, with a professional production team. This project will be high quality, ready-to-air for public viewing on Vimeo, Youtube and other media outlets.

All workshop participants will be invited to view and critique the final product.

Parameters of the scholarship (rules, permissions, themes, etc.) will be determined on a per-workshop basis. Scholarships awarded depending on available funds.


We need your support! An investment in our youth is an investment in our future.

Running a media workshop requires access to modern, up-to-date equipment and editing software and tools.  Your support will help us provide high quality experiences for our students.

There are many ways in which you can help in the development of our students.



Your financial investment is the most direct, and most helpful way to ensure the success of our workshop goals. Your money will go towards the student scholarship, hiring professional talent and teachers, and providing media tools for the highest quality educational experience possible.


Thank You Gift amounts:

Under $50

Thank you letter signed by Reed I. Hadley


Thank you letter signed by Reed I. Hadley

“Europe’s Jazz Profile” Radio Series CD


Thank you letter signed by Reed I. Hadley

“Europe’s Jazz Profile” Radio Series CD

“History of Jazz in Japan” DVD

Over $500

Thank you letter signed by Reed I. Hadley

“Europe’s Jazz Profile” Radio Series CD

“History of Jazz in Japan” DVD

and a unique autographed collectible from an entertainment legend.


To thank you for your generous support of our educational efforts, we are offering to donors of $50 and above, the 1990’s radio series “Europe’s Jazz Profile” on CD. This CD series features rare interviews with greats such as the late Grover Washington Jr., Joe Williams, Nancy Wilson, Chico Hamilton, Ronnie Laws, George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Cleo Laine and many other contemporary and traditional stars. The radio series was produced in remote locations such as Monaco, London, St. Louis, New York and California.

For larger contributions, we also offer the brilliant DVD:  “History of Jazz in Japan”.

Unique Autographed collectibles from entertainment legends are also available.



If you are an experienced person in the telecommunications field, lend us your talent!

Your time and knowledge is valuable to us.

If you have access to a STUDIO, lend us your space!  Students will gain priceless inspiration from visiting professional studios in person.

You can also spread the word and tell other people about the BACKSTAGE! program.

We appreciate any and ALL help to develop our kids… they are our future!



 We need your help to establish an educational home with equipment for final editing and production:

2 Desktop computers

5 External hard drives

2 video editing bays

3 hand-held video cameras for students

If you wish to directly donate these and similar media tools, please contact us at:


or email us at:


To save a generation is MY ULTIMATE GOAL

Thank you for your time and your support.

— Reed I. Hadley